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Dear visitor, welcome to Neurosurgery Coach.
I am Iype Cherian, a neurosurgeon from Kerala, India currently based in Karad, a city in near Pune and Mumbai, India. I practice and teach elite advanced neurosurgery at Institute of NeuroSciences, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences.

Our contribution to the field of neurosurgery includes neurosurgical procedures such as cisternostomy, skull-base and vascular neurosurgery, the cooling and cleaning theory and the design of modern microsurgical equipment like the hyperscope, the water knife, etc.

Our programme offered through Neurosurgery Coach brings advanced micro-neurosurgical skills to young neurosurgeons aspiring to become the best. We train neurosurgeons from all over the world from simple to advanced skills, surgical anatomy, strategies, situational awareness and techniques for building up mental fortitude to tackle unexpected complications.

In my practice as a neurosurgeon and role as an educationist and inventor, I like to constantly remind myself that 5/6th of the world’s population lives in low and middle income countries, and access to advanced procedures as well as infrastructure is lacking. I would like to see surgeons from these countries take up leadership roles to design and drive neurosurgery forward.

Friends and Fellows

With Dr. Gazi Yasargill and Juha Hernesniemi
With Prof. Yoko Kato
With Dr. Imad Kanan, Dr. Vladimír Beneš Jr., their spouses, Dr. Henry Schroeder and Dr. Ekkehard Kasper

I came to see a great neurosurgeon and to witness the unparalleled contribution he has made to neurosurgical care in Nepal and the World. It took me just a day or two to realize, however, that this fellowship would easily exceed the high expectations I had set. It was truly a privilege to be mentored by Dr. Cherian face to face and one to one on a daily basis, an opportunity I had hardly ever had before. Cadaveric skull base dissections, microanastomosis training and anatomy lectures were key to surgical skill building. What made it a unique and an Only-in-Nepal experience though, was how Dr. Cherian would attach at least equal importance to teaching about how mind and body integrate and about the mindset a neurosurgeon should adopt. These were lessons that I felt I had neglected in the past and that were yet so central to the work we do. It is well-known that Dr. Cherian is an educator, an innovator, a leader in our field but you will only be able to fully appreciate why this is when you go and spend time with him. Perhaps I will also be around during that time again.

They say that a mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. And that the great teacher inspires … What about the teacher that inspires dozens, hundreds of people? What about the one who shares his knowledge with all of us, chasing a sense of community, rather than personal glory and wealth?

I never liked adjectives to describe someone. But I can describe you in a different way.

To me, you are a guide, a landmark just like the ones we seek everyday in our surgical practice. And even if I deeply respect you and admire you, I am always comfortable treating you as a friend. I was welcome in your country and your house, with your beautiful family and… it felt like home.

Thank you sensei, teacher, friend. I hope to make you proud of me.

Il tuo unile me orgoglioso allievo

Biratnagar, 13. 12. 2019


Dr. Iype Cherian
Magister Chirurgiae
(Master of Surgery)

Director, Institute of Neurosciences, Krishna Vishwa Vidyapeeth, Karad-MH-India.

General Counsellor, Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons

Member, Anatomy Committee, World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies

Inventor, Cisternostomy; Cleaning and Cooling Theory

Born: 29th August, 1975, Alappuzha, Kerala, India

Conferences organized


February, 2015: 6th ACNS Educational Course with Dandy Operative Symposium with 40 international faculty from all over the world, Chitwan, Nepal.

October, 2017: 1st Annual Conference, Nobel Institute of Neurosciences course with 40 faculty from all over the world, organized in Biratnagar, Nepal.

December, 2019: 2nd Annual Conference, Nobel Institute of Neurosciences organized in Biratnagar, Nepal. 

January,2023: 2nd Annual KIMS International Neurosurgery Conference and Inauguration of Aesculap Neurosurgical Skill Lab organized in Karad-MH-India.

Honours and Accolades


30th October 2022: Certificate of Achievement, Huashan International Honor Award

29th October 2022: Certificate of Appreciation for Distinguished Speaker, 13th Annual Congress of ACNS

3rd March 2023: Certificate of Appreciation for a very interesting clinical presentation on CSF Movement Disorder at the Hunter Parkinson’s society meeting, University of New Castle Australia.