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NeuroSurgeryCoach is organizing a series of Continued Medical Education courses in neurosurgery with Aesculap Academy starting in March, 2022.

27th March 2022



Microvascular anastomosis techniques are important for revascularization surgeries on brachiocephalic and carotid arteries and complex cerebral aneurysms and even during resection of brain tumors that obstruct major cerebral arteries.

This unique learning and hands-on session opened new dimensions for young neurosurgeons to take the necessary leap in skill development.

MODULE 1: Handling a Microsuture under Microscope
MODULE 2: Handling a Vessel under Microscope
a. End to End Anastomosis
b. End to Side Anastomosis
c. Side to Side Anastomosis
Hands-on Practice Session: Importance of Anastomosis Surgeries and Practical Tenets of Anastomosis Surgeries

Venue: Krishna Institute of Neurosciences, Karad, India
1 Day

The Course was accredited for 2 CME points from MMC 

Prof. Dr. Iype Cherian

Dr. Iype Cherian,
Director, Krishna Institute of Neurosciences

Microvascular anastomosis is a highly skilled surgical technique that requires the assistance of optical magnification and right instruments. To be accomplished reasonably well. It demands the full attention of the surgeon throughout the procedures. Even the smallest of inadvertencies may result in disastrous results. Practice has no shortcuts and the more experienced a skilled surgeon is, the better his results. The training begins with a detailed account of preparedness in operating room, for preparation in the path to success. There are however tips to reduce the inclination of the learning curve and points to remember when things are not quite going right.

This training attempts to deal with those moments.

We are equipped with highly advanced lab specially designed for training micro anastomosis under experienced hands.

We would welcome you all to have a never before experienced learning.



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DATE to be announced: Skullbase Microsurgery. 


27th March 2022: Microvascular Anastomosis. Download details (PDF) below: